Real Estate Investments in the Czech Republic with Flexible Investment Solutions, Investment Fund

The aim of the offer for the investors of Flexible Investment Solutions Investment Fund (hereinafter referred to as the “Fund”) is an income provision from the investments in Czech real estate.

The real estate market of the Czech Republic is estimated as prospective for investment.
In total, in 2014-2018 the rate of real estate prices increase was higher in the Czech Republic than in the European Union.

As part of the EU, the Czech Republic is notable for stable economic growth and low investment risk.

Remarkably that at a low level of investment risk an income from operations with Czech real estate is significantly higher than in majority of other European countries.

Analysts of the Fund will be able to make the best choice on buying both residential and commercial real estate in the Czech Republic, including on the basis of the most efficient planning of transactions and close business contacts with developers/realtors/banks. And due to better control of real estate sale and purchase processes, will be provided better financial results and obtained a higher level of profit from investing.

In the process of real estate purchase the Fund additionally engages bank financing resulting in improving investment efficiency, minimizing demand for financial resources for the investor and increasing profitability based on the transaction results.

Investments in real estate together with the Fund will help our investors to achieve a profit level 10% per year and more, providing keeping positive trends in the real estate market.

The Fund ensures to its partners and investors maximum security and transparence of the transactions in process of the real estate purchase and sale.

Investment Conditions

Amount to be invested: 50 ths. Euro and more.
Investment agreement term: between 1 and 5 years.
Investor’s profit margin: 50% of net profit received by the Fund under the investment agreement.

Investment Process

  • Execution of an investment agreement between the investor and the Fund, an escrow account opening agreement and, if necessary, powers of attorney for the right to acquire, manage and subsequently sale of real estate.
  • Transfer of funds on an escrow account by the investor for the purchase of real estate.
  • Selection of the best objects for the investment.
  • Real estate acquisition that is recorded on the Fund in the Proprietorship Register.
  • If need, reconstruction, purchase of necessary furniture and technical devices are carried out at the expense of investment funds.
  • Selection of lessees and renting out (rental income increases the total profitability of the investment, and allows to pay current bank payments and community facilities).
  • Real estate sale in the best suited period.
  • Closing retaining earnings on all income and expenses in the process of investment (including real estate purchase, 4 % tax paying for title reregistration, expenses for bank credit, monthly mortgage payments, rental revenues, expenses for community charges, return on real estate sale).
  • Net profit from the investment is distributed between the investor and the Fund at a ratio 50:50.
  • Termination of the investment agreement.

Guarantees for the Investor

  • Real estate purchase and sale transactions are carried out on the escrow account (investor’s funds can be used only according to the investment agreement).
  • The Fund obtains its reward only on completion of the investment process and receiving of realized profit after the sale of the real estate.

Advantages of the Investment in the Real Estate with Us

  • Complete transparency and safety of the transaction at each stage of the investment (the payments are made on the escrow account for maximum investor’s security).
  • Each investment stage is well-defined in the investment agreement.
  • High profit from the investment at the acceptable risk level.