Quick Money Investment Offer from Flexible Investment Solutions, Investment Fund (FIS, the Czech Republic)

Quick Money Investment Offer is aimed at the investors of Flexible Investment Solutions, Investment Fund (hereafter referred to as the Fund).

The offer is confidential and isn’t subject to transfer or repost by the third parties.
The purpose of the Fund is an income provision for the investors of the Fund from transactions with property acquired at loans-for-share. Transactions with charged property apply to the operations with real estate, vehicles, civil engineering, equipment, metals of value (in products and nuggets), and long-lived commodities.
FIS Fund is registered in the Czech Republic (Prague), has all needed licenses and permissions for realization of the investment activity in the Czech Republic and the European Union.

Investments in Charged Property are Advantages

The Fund considers transactions with charged property as a perspective and profitable field, bringing stable benefits for investors of the Fund.

The transactions mainly provide realization of short-term transactions that will increase the turnover of funds of investors.

For the acquisition of target assets the Fund considers loans-for-share within the European Union, as well as in Ukraine. Initially, FIS is intent on participation at loans-for-share in Sweden, and in Baltic countries: Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. In the future, the Fund plans to expand its participation in loans-for-share in other countries of the European Union.

The benefit from participation in loans-for-share is the ability to purchase highly liquid property (movable and immovable) at a cost significantly below the market value.

Due to this one can get significant benefit from the operations with charged property.

The potential benefit from the operations with charged property can be obtained by:

  • Receipt of profit by selling acquired property at a higher price than the purchase price.
  • Receipt of profit from leasing movable or immovable property acquired by the Fund.

Besides, the Fund plans to use additional benefits from the acquisition of movable property in one country, with its further sale in another country, if sale conditions allow receiving additional benefits from such operation.

Why investing in charged property with FIS is advantageous?

The Fund offers services for the purpose of maximum value capture from the investments in charged property on transparent and comfortable conditions for the investor.

The Fund offers investors the opportunity to participate in the election of object group for investment, depending on the investor’s preferences, his/her financial means, and comfortable conditions for him/her in terms of profitability and risk.

The Fund is focused on searching undervalued objects with significant speculative potential. And the cooperation of the Fund with leading experts on the charged property market will ensure maximum return for the investors.

The Fund informs investors on all operations with charged property, granting fully qualified and transparent pattern of its activity.

Investors’ Funds Safety Protection

The Fund may carry out investments in small objects (up to $ 25 thousand) without consent of the investor. In this case, the Fund is obliged to inform the investor of the result of the operation (purchase and/or sale of property).

If the investment amount exceeds $ 25 thousand, the Fund gains access to the investor’s funds only after prior agreement of the terms and conditions of the investment object. The investor’s permission for application the funds for investment purposes for the Fund starts the investment process in an agreed project.