Provision of financing for the purpose of the International Trade Transactions

The Presentation was prepared by Flexible Investment Solutions, Investment Fund (hereafter the FIS IF) with the aim of delivery of basic information about the possibility to earn profit from investments in the International Trade Transactions.

The aim of the Presentation is to form the general vision of the Project its investment prospect with the addressees.
Kindly note that in order to make weighed decision on participation in the Project, the recipient is required to conduct his/her own independent study and evaluation of the Project.

The Project provides for the participation of FIS IF at the financing of financial and import contracts aiming to earn profit from the transactions for the investors and Fund’s participation. Assessed profit for the investors from the transactions on trading financing provision is 10-15% annual.


The aim of the offer for the investors if FIS IF is income provision from the investments at the International Trading Transactions.

At the present an activity of almost any small and large enterprise is associated with export and import operations: from the purchase of components, materials, raw materials and equipment to the sale of finished products and goods to domestic and foreign markets.

Since the speed and success of an international trade transaction largely depends on the availability and sufficiency of funds for settlements, FIS IF is ready to offer such companies access to trade financing and receive a loan for the term of the goods realization or receipt of payment for it from the final buyer.

Using trade finance instruments, a company can obtain a delay in payment or payment from the buyer immediately after shipment of the goods.

Trade finance widely used throughout the world is becoming highly popular in the field of foreign trade and among companies in the CIS region. However, applying for the necessity to finance not all enterprises can meet the conditions and requirements of large international and local financial institutions.

In such a case financing from FIS IF can be alternative for bank loan.

Wide range of trading instruments proposed by FIS IF will ensure:

  • Raising of funds to finance the FEA transactions.
  • Organization and successful conduct of foreign trade transactions and related settlements.

FIS IF can propose diverse schemes for trade transactions financing as well as independent solutions adapted to customers demand.

Advantage when using FEA trade financing:

  • The possibility to select the most appropriate tools for:
    • Settlement configuration optimization.
    • Obtaining an additional source of transaction financing.
    • Reduce level costs.
    • Boost probability of successful transaction completion.
  • Possibility to adapt a financial product to the customer demand.
  • Due to trade finance schemes the exporters receive additional opportunities to promote their products and search for new markets to sell them.
  • Trade financing is a good alternative to traditional bank lending. It is popular subject to credit brake by banks, or organizational complications in raising of a loan due to the borrower's non-compliance with bank’s requirements.

Investment Conditions

  • Investment amount: 50 thous. Euro and more.
  • Medium term of the investment agreement is from 6 to 24 months.

Advantages when cooperate with FIS IF

Advantages of the International Trade Transactions Investment with FIS IF:

  • Complete transparency and safety of the transaction at each investment stage (our experienced lawyers support the transaction at each stage, taking into account the minimization of all possible risks).
  • Each investment stage is clearly stated in the investment agreement.
  • High profit from the investment at an acceptable moderate risk level.

FIS IF along with its subsidiary enterprises in the EU, Ukraine and Russian Federation is high qualified and experienced at the international trade.

We have highly proficient managers and specialists from the Czech Republic, Germany, Holland, Ukraine and Russia.

Investments at the trade financing along with FIS IF will make for stable profit level achievement for our investors between 10-15 % annually and more.

Conclusions on the Project

Proposed Project has good potential and high chances for successful realization as:

  1. We have stable increasing tendency in business need in attraction of financial resources for export and import transactions.
  2. Repayment and safety of investors' funds can be ensured by the bill of credit handling or bank guarantee.
  3. Stable FEA interest of the companies in instruments of trade financing will assure stable profit with acceptable risk level for the Fund’s investors.