Contact Manager Development Project

The Presentation (hereinafter referred to as the “Presentation”) was prepared by Flexible Investment Solutions, Investment Fund with the aim of delivery of basic information about Contact Manager Development Project for mobile phones.

The aim of the Presentation is to form the general vision of ​​the Project and its investment prospect.

Kindly note that in order to make weighed decision on participation in the Project, the recipient is required to conduct his/her own independent study and evaluation of the Project.

At the moment Tweedo startup developed and tests software product improving contact network use efficiency.

The app was developed for iOS.

Now the developers are faced with the task to develop a similar software product for Android operating system.

Project Relevance

The modern information era has led to the emergence of a lot of contact information for each of us. The widespread use of the smartphones and free access to a large number of messengers and social networks caused an increase the volume of contact information among users.

The effective use of a large scale of the contact information and the systematization of new data is quite difficult and time-consuming process and most users weren’t ready to do it.

This leads to:

  • Loss of contact information, some of which may be very important.
  • The contacts and data are deployed in smartphone. We are enforced to be over for their systematization for suitable and easy use.
  • Due to a large number of contacts leads to their further increase, users are fraught with the problem of systematization and managing the flow of new data.

Advantages of Tweedo Contacts Manager

At present the users store contacts in different places (phone book, e-mail, Linkedin, messengers, social networks). If large volume of contact data exists, the search for the desired contact often takes a lot of time, important contacts can be missed or lost among the mass of other data. The need for a simple way to synchronize and organize all contacts has now become relevant not only for entrepreneurs and business representatives, but also for active Internet users.

The developers created the manager assuring the users the following benefits:

  • Faster, more precise and more efficiently needed contact or group of contacts.
  • Sorts the contacts, combines them into groups according to any parameters of interest. There is a function to create contact groups directly from the search.
  • Expands contacts profile due to additional information, as well as by means of information from social networks.
  • Offers an effective planner allowing effectively plan and control important events.

In addition, the developers made the contact manager as simple as possible, making it convenient and comfortable to use.

Tweedo app will help you significantly save time for users and enable more efficient use of existing contacts. Now a lot of contacts will no longer be a problem, because:

  • The app will create one contacts base by importing contacts from the phone book, email, messengers and social networks.
  • Assures quick and convenient search on any keyword or context.
  • Contacts Manager is integrated with calendar, Google contacts and mail, Microsoft Exchange, messengers and other applications.
  • Ability to exchange contacts quickly using digital business cards, or scanning of paper business cards using a QR code.

Priority Market and Target Audience

Key markets: EU countries and the USA.
Target audience: startup founders, entrepreneurs, sales and business development managers, independent agents. They have a large base of personal and business contacts, which is constantly growing. And to increase the effectiveness of their activities, they are interested in the opportunity to have a quick access to the desired contact, and not to lose important contacts among others.

What we have done and future plans

The app for iOS was released. Now it is possible to install contacts manager on Apple smartphones free of charge.

Users survey was done, a list of strategic improvements has been compiled to increase conversion and application usage time.
In the near future there will be rates for product’s use.

Tweedo will offer two paid subscription plans including:

  • Pro plan: $6,99/month.
  • Business plan: $9,99/month.

At the moment the developers are planning to create the same product for Android.

Under Project’s realization the developers of Tweedo are planning to attract $500 ths. as investment this year, and $1,5 - $2 mln. in 2020.


The proposed Project has good potential and high chance to be realized as:

  1. According to experts, entrepreneurs, business representatives and just active users of messengers and social networks have a need to optimize and improve the efficiency of using a large volume of contact information they have gathered.
  2. Using Tweedo, the user gets the opportunity to systematize whole communication history: contacts, electronic correspondence, phone calls, meetings, notes and scheduled events can now be systemized in just one application.
  3. As smartphone owners in the world keep growing, the number of potential users of Tweedo Contact Manager will be increased in the future.