Restaurant business in Dubai

Restaurant business in Dubai
Restaurant business in Dubai

Restaurant business in Dubai

We raise funding for an iconic project of the restaurant holding aimed at the most financially reliable European and Russian-speaking audience.
Bluewaters Island, Dubai’s top district, has been chosen as the key location for situating of the restaurant. It has the world’s tallest Ferris wheel, 10 prestigious residences and Caesar’s Hotel (the second brunch after Las Vegas) with the potential to forthcoming opening of the first casino in the Middle East.
The cost of the development is more than $2bn. The island’s developer is the national company Dubai Holding led personally by Sheikh Mohammed.

The island’s waterfront line consists of 20+ of the world’s top restaurant brands, and the investors are queuing up in huge numbers to get in with their project.
There are no similar facilities within 15 km. There are more than 30 hotels within 5 km radius of the restaurant with about 250,000 residents. And the daily flow of the visitors to the Ferris wheel and other entertainments on the island is around 15,000 people a day. All of them are the potential visitors to the restaurant.

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