Only institutional and qualified capital providers may invest in our fund pursuant to the requirements of Act 240/2013 Coll. “On Investment Companies and Investment Funds” (ZISIF). If the capital provider finds an interest in the contribution of assets and ensures all the information required to confirmation of compliance of own status of the eligible investor, the amount of the investment may be at least EURO 125,000 or more. In exceptional cases, if the fund administrator discovers a certain degree of professionalism of the client, the fund may accept an amount less than the above-mentioned limit.

We offer well-defined investment services and therefore such services are only available to the capital providers whose investment amount is related and proportionate to their finances, investment objectives and professional experience in the field of investment. Thus, the company’s services are designed to institutional and qualified investors, not to the public.

We are ready to consider your application for opportunity to invest!

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