Real estate + business in the Czech Republic

Real estate + business in the Czech Republic

The “ČD Sokolská” project is a residential building, redeveloped into an apartment hotel in the historical center of Prague (Prague 2), 200 metres from Wenceslas Square, which includes 37 apartments and 3 non-residential (commercial) premises. Apartments in this area have always been popular among locals and tourists alike, it usually doesn’t lose in value, if you look at the statistics – in recent years real estate prices have been rising over 20% a year in the last few years, and in the first quarter of 2022, they grew up for 2.9% per square meter. Rental prices for apartments in Czech Republic are also on the rise, with a 14,9% of growth in 2022 compared to 2021.

Project “ČD Sokolská” is a project, the main idea of which is to purchase one or more shares of the investment project created and owned by company Flexible Investment Solutions s.r.o., with the right to gain a profit from the exploitation of an exclusive real estate building in the historical center of Prague, in the percentage ratio corresponding to the shares.  According to our calculations, the risks are minimal, this project has incredible ROI terms, it is an asset, which will work for investor and will generate monthly income without taking away your time and energy, it means without direct involvement in the organization and running business-processes by investor .

The “ČD Sokolská” project is based on an all-inclusive concept: with one investment investor will get an answers on the questions of how to return his investment, how to manage this business remotely, who will take care of legal and marketing services – we carefully considered all the details in this offer to make it as comfortable as possible for our investors. Flexible Investment Solutions s.r.o. is in charge of tackling all these matters

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